Admit it, not all of us our computer savvy. And nowadays, with everything going electronic, it only makes sense that brides and grooms want to share their wedding story and share their wedding details online.

When I got married, I decided I had to have a wedding website. I needed a place where guests could learn more about us, see some of our engagement photos and get details about the wedding itself. We can only share so much on our wedding invitations; so naturally, it would be nice to have the room to share more with our friends and family.

So this is where Purpinka Designs comes in! The creators, Crystal and Joseph who are recently engaged, wanted to find a way to share their engagement photos in a meaningful way. They didn’t want to end up throwing the photos in an album or box and ultimately forget to share them. Instead, they created a personal website that included their photos and wedding story so that they could share their special moments with their friends and family.

If you’re a bride who wants a wedding website, be sure to check out their site to see the various designs. Some of the tools include:

– photo & video galleries
– music themes
– a guestbook
– a gift registry
– an online RSVP tool

I love the fact that you can have guests RSVP directly on your site and you can track and manage the responses. You have no idea how easy it is to lose your RSVP cards during the whirlwind of planning a wedding.

If you’re a wedding vendor, consider being a Purpinka Designs partner. By offering their service to your clients, you receive a commission without putting in any extra work. They create the pretty ‘wedsite’ that showcases some of your client’s photos, stories and allow couples to communicate with their guests. It’s as easy as telling your clients about Purpinka Designs and then when they purchase the service, you get the commission.

Not everyone has to be tech savvy to get their own personal wedding website. Be sure to check out Purpinka Designs!

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This is awesome!!!

Anna Kim Photography on December 09, 2011

    yes anna! you should contact them to connect :)

    Melissa on December 11, 2011

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