Happy Monday morning blogettes! And happy belated thanksgiving to all my American readers.

I’m actually writing this post in my new office. SO excited. It’s nothing yet except a room full of boxes and a bed sheet covering the curtain till I find the right one, but it’s HOME. Home sweet home.

I wanted to share another latest obsession with you because they’re a blast to come up with. This next one is all about the shoes! It’s always about the shoes… Check out these glittered soles which are an easy DIY project. We all know that when we try to break in our wedding heels, the bottoms get scuffed and it’s not entirely pleasing. And unless you’ve got the red soles of Christian Louboutins, you aren’t likely going to show the soles of your heels off. So why not glitter them up and show them off? The same goes for writing you & your soon-to-be husband’s initials or cut-out hearts. It’s nice to add a bit of glam to an otherwise overlooked detail.

All you need is your favorite pair of heels, mod podge, glitter and a sealant. Easy as can be.

Check out the links below for some pictured tutorials.


The Kurtz Corner:
Large Glitter Tutorial
Fine Powder Tutorial
Restyle, Restore, Rejoice

{images: top left: The Kurtz Corner | top right: never naked blog | bottom left: sweet xanga | bottom right: The Kurtz Corner}

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My shoes were glitter, but I would have never thought of this! I LOVE it !!!

Sarah on November 28, 2011

    Sarah – it would have been uber blinged!

    Melissa on November 28, 2011

Thank you for the feature! You bottom right picture is also from my blog and a separate tutorial using fine powder glitter for your heel soles. The first link you have was for my trial pair using large glitter grain. Either works but the fine powder looks much better. Here is the link!


Audra on November 28, 2011

    Thanks for sending over the other link, Audra. I’ve gone and added it. Love the tutorials!

    Melissa on November 28, 2011

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