OCT 05

Birks Canadian Diamonds

By Melissa

If you have been following Wedding Obsession for a while, or you’re new to the site, you’ll learn early on that I am a big supporter of Canadian talent and products. It’s my passion to showcase local (and in this case, national) content so that we appreciate what we have in this beautiful country.

When it comes to diamonds, a lot of you likely don’t consider where your diamonds originate from. Birks, a premier luxury jewellery brand in Canada is proud to have been the first to acquire and made available diamonds mined in Canada.

These beautiful diamond crystals are tracked by Birks from the “rough” crystal to the finished gem, assuring the pedigree and provenance of each. Birks was instrumental in the development of the Voluntary Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Canadian Diamond Claims, is a Signatory of the Code, and maintains a position on the Code of Conduct Committee, overseeing any new developments that might require revisions to the Code.

Reflecting the unsurpassed skill of the cutters who crafted them, each diamond is laser-engraved with BIRKS, a maple leaf, and a unique Birks Diamond Certificate Number. All Birks Canadian-mined Diamonds meet Birks strict colour, clarity and proportion criteria, and our commitment to providing the finest quality diamonds.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite rings with Canadian diamonds from BIRKS. They’re just gorgeous.

Be sure to check out the Birks site for a list of locations where you can discover the finest selection of Canadian diamonds originating from the Victor Mine in Northern Ontario.

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