JUL 07

Personal Update & DIY: Menus

By Melissa

I thought I’d give a litle post on how easy it is for you to create a chic, modern menu for your wedding reception. To be honest, the menu itself should have been the easiest item to create, but when you’re wedding a-type like myself, it’s the designing that takes a lifetime. For my menus, Jason and I tried numerous shapes but ended up loving the long and vertical layout. I chose a white because it would be a nice contrast to my black napkins and the green writing would pop when you read it.

I chose a heavier linen paper which gave the menu a richness that I wanted. Now, while I created these suckers on Adobe Illustrator, this can be EASILY created on Microsoft Word. Create your document in portrait style, create two columns and type away! Be sure to add little tick marks at the top and bottom center of your document so you know where to line your paper cutter so you can cut it in half, vertically. Afterwards, all you need is lots of persistence or loads of hands to help you cut all the menus.

While I chose menus for each individual guest, it’s also great to have one or two menus placed at the centre of the table for your guests to see. I know my decision wasn’t exactly the most eco-friendly but I chose to conserve elsewhere. I wanted the guests to feel special like they were in a restaurant and liked the look that they created.

And with the menu, I just had to share some images of our reception food courtesy my friend Wilmer. The Art Gallery did an AMAZING job with the presentation. My fave? The curried sweet potato soup. I could eat that all day…yikes, now I’m getting hungry.

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Your blog is absolutely beautiful! You have amazing taste!

Erin*SparkleandHay on July 08, 2010

Beautiful Menus.

Holli on October 14, 2010

Love the Menu idea. Was there a site that you went to, to do the Menu’s.?
thank you,
Jo R

Jo on October 21, 2010

Lovely!! Might you have a template for these that I can download??

Mindy on April 23, 2013

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