APR 12

Traveler’s Joy

By Melissa

Happy Monday! I thought I’d start out the week by introducing our new sponsor, Traveler’s Joy. After all the time you’ve spent planning your wedding, likely you’re going to want a nice honeymoon to relax and get away.

Traveler’s Joy is a robust and flexible registry technology that allows a member to ask for any portion of their honeymoon, ranging from flights and hotel stays to snorkeling trips and couples massage treatments. Unlike a travel agency, Traveler’s Joy simply transfers the value of the gifts to the couple via bank check or bank transfer. While there are likely many full service honeymoon registries, they have the lowest service fees (7.5% of all gifts received). And some of you may wonder if it’s poor etiquette to have a honeymoon registry, but nowadays it’s very common and of course, it helps to cover the cost of a trip after you’ve spent a large amount of money on your wedding.

If you register before April 15, you can be automatically entered for a chance to win a 7 night all-inclusive vacation to Jungle Bay Resort in the Dominica.

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