Super excited that I’ve found another song that could work as a wedding song. Those interested in indie music will love this one. Angus & Julia Stone are a brother-sister duo from Sydney, Australia. Their song “Big Jet Plane” is perfect…I can tell if I’ll love a song just by listening to the first 7 seconds and this one definitely made it. (see lyrics below)

She said:
“Hello mister, pleased to meet you”
I want to hold her,
I want to kiss her,
She smell of daisies,
She smell of daisies
She drive me crazy,
She drive me crazy

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane (x2)
Yeah, hey

Hey my lover,
My lady river
Can i take ya
Take ya higher?

Gonna hold you,
Gonna kiss you in my arms
Gonna take you
Away from home

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I love this song too! Its taking a bit of time to convince the other half that this should be our first dance song as he’s not that much of a fan…. though he’s not a fan of any of my music! We’re pretty opposite in that department! Ugh… I think it would be perfect! And I love it!

Annika on May 25, 2012

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